Erik Hijweege (1963) decided to follow his heart and become a photographer in 1998.
Erik started chasing big weather and tornadoes in 2006. During the first five years he used his alter ego of Kevin Erskine for his supercell images. The storm photography resulted in his first international solo show in New York and the Supercell book.

Erik Hijweege continued working on capturing the grandeur of natural forces.
Supercells, geysirs, waterfalls, huge strangling trees and the insignificance of man are all part of his latest Sublime Nature project. This long term project is still work in progress. As the Sublime Nature covers a wider range of natural forces than Supercells Erik decided to present this work also under his own name.

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  • Noir, Uitgeverij de Verbeelding, 2004
  • Supercell, Hatje Cantz, 2011
  • Holland, Uitgeverij de Kunst, 2012
  • Endangered, Ella Editions, 2014